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We would like to invite you to a unique short break with a black soul to a very special place, where legends have been made:
No one knows exactly when, but at most once a year, at night, they say that the sand of the Weissenhäuser beach turns black. On these nights, many of the undiscerning night wanderers swear faithfully that they saw a young woman in a white dress on the salt meadows. The lantern in her hand plunges her into a dim light, although she herself is not swallowed by the darkness. Only a small inattentiveness, only the blink of a lash is enough, and she disappears as if she had never been there and only the roar of the dark sea remains…
It is rumored that the next time the beach will turn black is close. But PLAGE NOIRE will not only captivate you because of its legend. The festival will open up a world of more than 25 bands on three stages to you, and more facets of the black scene, such as fashion and styling.
PLAGE NOIRE will be located at the Ferienpark Weissenhäuser Strand. You will be accommodated at the local hotel or in apartments and bungalows, and the Baltic Sea beach will be right in front of your door. The paths to the venues are short, the program takes place indoors, and the entire holiday park presents itself from its particularly gloomy side on this weekend.

Here you can find the site map as PDF.

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Here you can find the infield map as PDF.

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