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Side Events


Every year we welcome word virtuosos to a rendezvous. Well-known authors from the local literary scene come together to read from their bestsellers and new releases, which is invariably and mercilessly entertaining.

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As part of a wicked lecture about the fun side of darkness, Mr. von Aster offers his listeners a series of entertaining horrors, half-truths and nightmares, both sensitively and emphatically. He promises to make an exceptional effort not to sing and to remain mostly clothed.


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Black humor (night humor) meets laconic, autobiographical novels. This is how the Bochum writer's 11 book publications to date can be summarized in a nutshell. As a co-creator or guest at various reading stages, he also knows about the right mix of texts that turns a reading into an exciting and humorous event.
The Bochum author and DJ will present a mix of his scene novels “Hab Sonne”, “Requiem für Pac-Man” and his current volume of short stories “Vorm Untertauchen Luft Holen”.



Apart from the concerts, of course, the dancing boots must not be neglected. That's why we start on Thursday evening before the festival with the legendary Plage Noire Warm-Up Party, where you'll be served the finest dark tunes and can get in the mood for an ecstatic weekend.
But that's not all: On both days of the festival, after the last concert, the after-show party awaits you, where you can dance to the last drop of sweat or end the day comfortably at the bar while well-known DJs and musicians from our Plage Noire line-up are spinning the discs.

Fashion & Styling

You can look forward to impressive fashion walks on both festival days while the "DünenGalerie" (a shopping mile) becomes a catwalk! Here we present fashion you can (almost) touch, from prêt-à-porter to haute gothic couture.
Magnificently staged, in the center of the room and omnipresent! Labels, designers and scene stores will show their creations and collections, which will of course also be available for purchase on site.