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Every year we welcome word virtuosos to a rendezvous. Well-known authors from the local literary scene come together to read from their bestsellers and new releases, which is invariably and mercilessly entertaining.

Thomas Kundt

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Death exerts a great fascination on all of us. How does it feel - to be no more, what comes after, does anything come at all? For Thomas Kundt, death is part of everyday life; as a crime scene cleaner, he is confronted with all facets of death on a daily basis. In his job, he experiences scenarios that make him shudder and look into the deepest of all human abysses. In addition to the blood and remains of corpses he removes, he encounters a wide variety of people, each with their own unique fate.

You can expect a best-of of his current live show "What remains at the end", interspersed with passages from his book "After death I come". With almost a decade of professional experience, Thomas Kundt looks back on the most diverse, sad as well as bizarre, sometimes unimaginable crime scenes and stories. They are stories that definitely leave traces....


Christian von Aster

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Decades of experience, several books and films later, Christian von Aster has not only inspired thousands of people with his stories and his fantasy, but also created an almost endless collection of obscure horror stories. Like a spring that never runs dry. These are descriptions that will make you run down your spine with a chill. Spawns from hell are brought to light, which should rather never have been brought to life.

In addition to this setting, Luke, the capricious love letter pigeon, will cause the world view of one or the other to shake tremendously. Genius and madness and also fantasy and reality are often much closer together than one would dare to suspect.